How should I put this, this weekend has been a phenomenal weekend for Region 7, not only did our individual players who qualified for the England Teams:

To top it all off, the following teams fought to the end and won their National Championship titles.

We do have a few near misses:

It is with such honour to be the Regional Director for a Region which each county strives to try their very best to promote the cue sports and their players played their hearts out at each of the national events. It is also so good to see JP Eames, Clair Watts, Jeremy Ruffer, Kevin Demspey, Alex Tearle, Will Dowsing, Sue Mitchell, who were our fellow referees. They adjudicated at the this weekend’s events, they tirelessly worked around the clock to ensure that the sport is played to its true spirit. This weekend, has no doubt been another true representation of how well the Region 7 has been run, and definitely a credit to you fellow members of the Region.

I would like to say a big ‘Well Done’ to all of you, you have made me a very proud Regional Director. I hope that this is just a beginning of something fantastic and wish you all the best for this season, and hope to catch up with you in due course.

As a footnote, may I use this opportunity to welcome two very outstanding players, Emma Cunningham and Michaela Lester, who will be joining the Region 7 this year. What a great addition to our Region !!!

Barbara Taylor, Regional Director