Region 7 Ladies Tour 2016

£6,400 (subject to 32 entries)
£200 Entry
All matches best of 11 frames

FLYER available for distribution

Fixtures & Results 2016

Event Date Venue Fixture/Result
Event 1 20th March Jordans, Rainham  
Event 2 15th May Frames, Coulsden  
Event 3 19th September Mavericks, Ashford  
Event 4 30th October Racks, Maidenhead  


2015 Images

Event 1 Runner Up Loz Fivey and Winner Katie Henrick

Fixtures & Results 2015

Event Date Venue Fixture/Result
Event 1 1st Feb Mavericks, Ashford Results
Event 2 31st May Frames, Coulsden Results
Event 3 26th July Jordans, Rainham  
Event 4 25th October Academy, Basingstoke