Region 7 Tour Roll of Honour

Below are links to the history of the longest running Regional Tour in the Country. With over 200 players taking part over the years, and most progressing up to the International Tour, the Region Seven Tour has become arguably the best proving ground for any pool player.

Look back through the mists of time, to see old names on the Main Tour, "where are they now"? Also look at some of the Juniors winning the Junior tour, who are now a forced to be reckoned with on the Main Tour!

The Ladies are not to be ignored, with a few now on the Club/Main tour, and holding their own quite easily, some would say! :-)

Our records go back quite some way, but some info has been lost over time. If you come across an event/result that isn't right, please let the secretary know, with evidence, and we will "put the record straight!"

Rolls of Honour

Main Tour :: Club Tour :: Ladies Tour :: Junior Tour

Unofficial Ranking

Here are some unofficial rankings, just for fun. It only shows this years results but the total points go back to the very begining of the Region Tour. Points awarded as follows: Winner = 10pts, Runner-up = 5pt, Semis = 3pt, Quarters = 1pt

Unofficial Ranking